Frequently Asked Questions

Creditpicks is a personal finance site for Canadians by Canadians. The information on our website is specifically meant to enhance the financial well-being of all current and prospective Canadian citizens and residents. We also offer Canadians FREE access to their TransUnion® credit report and the ability to apply for a diverse range of partner credit and insurance products. We’ll also soon be launching our content hub where you’ll be able to download our 2023 e-book and infographics, and watch how-to videos.

All you have to do is subscribe to our blog. Once you subscribe with your email address, you’ll immediately receive a welcome email with a unique TransUnion® code and instructions for accessing your new account. You will access your report directly through TransUnion®, not Creditpicks. Your new TransUnion® subscription is valid for one full year from initial access.

Everything on Creditpicks is FREE for our users! We will never ask you for any money. However, we do receive small commissions if you apply, and are approved, for one of our partner products. We do appreciate your support if you decide to take out a loan, explore mortgage options, invest, or purchase insurance.

We are Woman- and Minority-Owned. We are a collaborative of citizens and residents, designers and developers, MBAs, undergraduates, and current students, contributing both full- and part-time. Our shared interest is in dependable, accurate, yet readable research on what makes personal finance tick in Canada. We’ll update our site regularly, delivering a fast and seamless user experience with our financial and non-financial partners. We are socially-conscious, here to give back, and wanting to better our great nation. Sounds fun, right?

Good question. First, personal finance information in Canada changes all the time. It’s our job to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date and relevant financial content available. Second, we’ve chosen our financial services and products partners carefully. They offer the best services, rates, benefits and rewards, and coverages available. Lastly, we’re also providing information you can share with your friends and family, no matter their ages. When you do this, our society will grow to be financially literate, credit responsible, and less indebted. That’s a win for all Canadians!

We’re constantly working on the site. It’s a daily kind of thing. Our site updates include fresh information, reworking of existing content, implementation of new features, and optimizations (did you know we have one of the fastest sites on the internet?). Our blog posts (under the Learn tab) are added at least once each week, and more often twice. This frequency will continue to grow over time. Please be certain to subscribe to our blog for regular updates.

Our team members are from all over Canada! And, honestly, a couple even live right across the street from each other in Calgary, AB. Our team’s diversity is our greatest strength as it adds thoughtful insight to Canada’s latest personal finance trends.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We provide a code that gives you free access to your TransUnion® credit report when you subscribe to our blog. When you receive your code, a TransUnion® URL is provided. You then access your report from this link. We will never ask you for access to your credit report account. The code offers free access to your report for one full year!