Frequently Asked Questions

Creditpicks is a personal finance site for Canadians by Canadians. The information on our website is specifically meant to enhance the financial well-being of Canadian citizens and residents. We also offer Canadians FREE access to their TransUnion® credit report and the ability to apply for a diverse range of partner credit and insurance products.

All you have to do is subscribe to our blog. Once you subscribe with your email address, you’ll immediately an email with a unique TransUnion® code and instructions for accessing your new account. You will access your report directly through TransUnion®, not Creditpicks. Your new TransUnion® is good for one full year.

Everything on Creditpicks is FREE for our users! We will never ask you for any money. However, we do receive small commissions if you apply for, and are approved, for one of our partner products. We do appreciate your support if you decide to take out a loan, your mortgage options, invest, or buy insurance.