July 8, 2023
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Financial Post: Why You Should Read it for Personal Finance Growth

Financial Post is Canada's business voice
Summary.This article highlights the importance of staying informed about financial matters through the Financial Post, Canada's reputable financial news source. The article covers the history of the Financial Post, its high-quality content...

Financial Post is a leading financial news outlet in Canada. It provides the latest national and international finance-related headlines, updates, and events. Deep-rooted in national history, the Financial Post has been “Canada’s Business Voice,” offering thought leadership and expert opinions on many financial topics.

Staying informed about financial matters allows you to make better decisions, manage your money more effectively, and find financial freedom. The Financial Post helps its readers understand the economic situation, financial forecasts, general market trends, and other money matters important to Canadians. Renowned columnists also provide valuable feedback and advice on personal finance, helping you make the most of your financial journey.

As we often say on this site, “Readers are leaders.” Whether you read its online, ePaper, or print version, the Financial Post will grow your financial knowledge.

Financial Post’s history

The Financial Post was founded in 1907 by John Bayne Mclean, who also founded Mclean’s magazine. The publication aimed to provide reliable investment information to the Toronto business community. But the Financial Post evolved and expanded over the years, becoming Canadians’ trusted financial news and insights source.

Sun Media purchased the Financial Post in 1987. In 1997, Sun Media sold it to Hollinger. However, Hollinger’s CEO, Conrad Black, looked to establish a national newspaper. In 1998, the Financial Post was integrated into the newly launched National Post, with the Financial Post name living on as the banner for the paper’s business section. The Financial Post is also included in the National Post’s monthly business magazine, Financial Post Business.

The Financial Post has adapted to the digital age. It has transitioned from primarily a print edition to a financial news website and business section of the National Post. Its comprehensive coverage of various financial topics makes it a reputable resource for Canadians seeking to grow their finances.

Financial Post’s content quality

Readers are leaders.


The continued emphasis on quality over quantity sets the Financial Post apart from other financial news sites. It strives to provide readers with accurate and reliable information that helps improve financial decision-making. Highlights of the Financial Post’s content quality include the following:

  • In-depth analysis: The Financial Post provides comprehensive coverage of financial news. They offer detailed explanations and expert insights into numerous financial topics, trends, and events.
  • Expert opinions: Leading columnists share their knowledge and advice on various financial subjects, including personal finance.
  • Reliable information: The Financial Post is committed to providing trustworthy information. Readers can rely on the content to make informed decisions.

The importance of quality over quantity in financial news cannot be overstated. This unwavering focus ensures readers have valuable and relevant information to help improve their financial well-being.

Relevance to Canadians in Personal Finance

Illustration of a male looking at financial information to make a decision

The Financial Post covers topics relevant to Canadians’ financial needs and interests. Some key areas the publication focuses on include the following:

  • Economy: Up-to-date, often real-time, information on the Canadian economy and its interactions with global economies. This reporting helps readers understand the economic landscape and the potential impacts on personal finances.
  • Personal finance: The Financial Post has a wealth of personal finance articles covering everything from budgeting and saving to debt management and investing. These articles are tailored to Canadian needs.
  • Business news: The Financial posts inform readers of the latest breaking business news, developments, and top stories, both nationally and internationally.


The Financial Post’s rich history and evolution have made it a reputable financial news source in Canada. The publication’s focus on Canadian issues and its commitment to providing accurate and relevant information allows its readers to act on financial opportunities confidently. By staying informed about financial matters through the Financial Post, you can make better decisions and enhance your current financial position.

Creditpicks uses the Financial Post as a source for its articles. This approach aligns with our commitment to ensuring our readers have access to the most recent and authoritative information they can rely on when planning their financial future. Combined with other reputable sources, such as the Government of Canada and academic institutions, our writing is grounded in fact and actionable daily.

  • Who is the financial post owned by?

    The Financial Post is owned by Postmedia Network Canada Corp., which also owns the National Post. American media conglomerate Chatham Asset Management currently owns Postmedia.

  • Is Financial Post included with National Post?

    The Financial Post is included with the National Post. When you subscribe to the National Post, you get unlimited online access to both sites and fifteen other news sites across Canada. The Financial Post is also included in the National Post’s print edition.

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