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Best of 2023: Personal Finance Blogs in Canada

Best Personal Finance Blogs in Canada 2023

In 2023, the best way to learn about personal finance is through the endless resources available on the internet. However, if you’ve checked out Canadian personal finance blogs before, you’ve probably noticed a few bad apples.

When you learn about personal finance, it is of utmost importance to ensure your source is credible, accurate, and creates value for you. So, just for you, we’ve comprised a list of a few of our favourite personal finance blogs in Canada that pass the test.

Personal Finance Blog Canada


What is a Personal Finance Blog?

Writers create personal finance blogs to help people grow their wealth, learn to budget, save for retirement, and accomplish other goals to achieve financial freedom.

Most personal finance blogs post new content to their website weekly, some even daily. In addition, some of these blogs are run by a vast team of writers and editors, while single individuals write others. Therefore, no matter what personal finance blog you are reading, it is essential to ensure the content is trustworthy.

Should you Subscribe to a Personal Finance Blog?

One of the best features included in most personal finance blogs is the option to become a subscriber. For many blogs, including our own, this is entirely free!

Becoming a subscriber means receiving the latest posts and updates immediately upon publishing and, sometimes, even before the rest of the internet. With personal finance, you will have direct access to content created around the most up-to-date market trends – which can be incredibly valuable!

Regardless of age, subscribing to a personal finance blog can hold you accountable for many financial goals.

Without further ado.

Maple Money

Maple Money

Maple Money was founded in 2009 by Tom Drake to help Canadians achieve their personal finance goals and have the freedom to live their dream life. Featured in Toronto Star, Money Sense, Forbes, and more, this financial analyst (and proud dad) is one of Canada’s most trusted personal finance experts. Currently, Maple Money is the most-read personal finance blog in Canada!

Drake also hosts a weekly podcast under the same name, discussing personal finance, lifestyle, networking, cryptocurrency, and more!

You can find more of Drake’s Canadian personal finance blog at Maple Money.


Since its creation in 2012, moneyGenius has published over three hundred financial product reviews for Canadians. From credit cards to mortgages, investing, software, and more, readers can learn which Canadian financial products best suit their needs.

moneyGenius also has a Big Book of Smart Saving available for free download that will help you discover how to budget, shop, increase your income, develop a healthy relationship with credit, and have the freedom to live the life you want to.

For access to this valuable database, check out moneyGenius.

Young and Thrifty

Managed by money experts Kye Prevost and Justin Bouchard, Young and Thrifty create easily digestible financial content for millennials and Canadians seeking financial tips and advice. This blog is an excellent all-around personal finance blog targeted to a younger generation of Canadians navigating the ever-evolving world of finance.

Young and Thrifty have featured in some of the most recognizable platforms like CBC, Toronto Star, MoneySense, CTV, and more! Read any of their finance blogs for millennials, and you’ll figure out exactly why this blog has earned such recognition.

You can check out Young and Thrifty’s millennial resources at Young and Thrifty.

Cut the Crap Investing

Cut The Crap Investing

With a mission to teach Canadians how to invest with low fees, Dale Roberts helps investors increase their wealth through a do-it-yourself ETF portfolio strategy, buying asset allocation ETFs, and learning how to use Canadian Robo Advisors.

Roberts also writes for MoneySense and is well known for his Canadian Couch Potato series.

If you’ve ever been interested in ETF investing or are tired of the ridiculous investment fees Canadians have to pay, head over to Cut The Crap Investing for more information!

Freedom 35 Blog

Freedom 35 Blog

Boasting an average of 20%+ annual returns on his self-made stock investment portfolio, “Liquid Independence” helps Canadians find financial freedom by investing smartly, regardless of income. “Liquid” works as a graphic designer and has never made more than $75,000 yearly. However, his net worth today is over two million dollars due to skillful investing and healthy financial habits.

With precise results, Freedom 35 helps Canadians establish habits to grow their wealth exponentially. If you’re interested in the tactics that turned a graphic designer’s measly income into a magnificent investment portfolio, check out Freedom 35 Blog.



Written by financial journalist and speaker Kerry Taylor, Squawkfox was created as a socially compassionate platform to provide financial guidance to Canadians of all financial literacy levels. Unlike many other personal finance blogs, SquawkFox focuses significantly on the psychology and mindset humans have around personal finance. To help people grow their net worth and retire comfortably, Taylor helps address underlying mindset issues she has dealt with herself that prevent people from achieving maximum financial success.

With both general and psychological financial guidance, Taylor helps Canadians find financial and lifestyle success through the Squawkfox blog, podcast, and events at which she speaks.

Learn more about this trailblazing financial blog at SquawkFox.

Money After Graduation

Money After Graduation

Founded by award-winning entrepreneur Bridget Casey, Money After Graduation provides valuable financial guidance and education for young adults seeking to grow their wealth. This blog is an invaluable resource for college graduates seeking to learn financial literacy and tactics around saving, spending, investing, and paying off debt responsibly.

One of the most popular resources on Casey’s website is the Six-Figure Stock Portfolio, a virtual investing course to teach you how to grow a six-figure stock portfolio from $0!

For more information, head over to Money After Graduation today!

Canadian Money Saver

Canadian Money Saver

Canadian Money Saver is a popular investment publication with thousands of financial blogs written by reputable money experts. Since 1981, Canadians of all ages and walks of life have gained valuable insights into finance through this publication. Though one of the biggest and oldest resources on our lists, Canadian Money Saver has remained relevant and famous for its valuable content. This is a seemingly endless amount of information about personal finance in Canada!

If you’re interested in learning to borrow, save, and invest through an ambitious firsthand account, head to Canadian Money Saver today!

Boomer & Echo

Boomer & Echo

Named after the generations the mother and son contributors were born into, Boomer and Echo take a unique perspective on personal finance: offering financial guidance from the perspective of two different generations. With a net worth of over 1.3 million dollars and legal qualifications to provide financial advice, Robb’s blog has been a great resource to thousands of Canadians seeking specific guidance on how to grow their net worth, get out of debt, and comfortably retire.

Over 250,000 readers come to Boomer and Echo for financial advice every month!

Check out the unique writings for yourself over at Boomer & Echo.

My Own Advisor

My Own Advisor

This Canadian Personal finance blog focuses on investing and retirement strategies to help you grow your wealth passively and retire comfortably. My Own Advisor is a proud supporter of “FIWOOT,” better known as Financial Independence, Work On Own Terms. So if you’re interested in learning how to invest in dividends that can replace your income or strategically save for retirement, this blog is for you!

For detailed investment strategies and retirement savings resources, head to My Own Advisor today!

Last but not least…



We might be slightly biased in including our blog in this list. But if you’ve read our content and subscribed to our monthly newsletter, you’d understand why!

Since 2021, Creditpicks has been an invaluable resource to Canadians of all ages. From reviews of the latest fintech products on the market to student loans, retirement planning, and inflation reports, we offer free financial guidance to help you live a prosperous life.

Through regular blog posts and newsletters filled with financial tips, tricks, and encouragement, we’ve helped thousands of Canadians discover the secrets to financial freedom.

Ready to Take Your Finances to the Next Level?

No matter how much experience you have around personal finance, tapping into the wealth of knowledge within the best personal finance blogs in Canada can be beneficial for all ages. After reading this article, hopefully, you’ve got a good idea of some resources that can help you.

If you’re interested in reading more articles like these or learning more about how to grow your wealth and invest in your future, look no further. Get personal financial advice delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for Creditpicks’ monthly newsletter!

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