December 4, 2023
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The Best High-Interest Savings Account in Canada

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Summary.High-interest savings accounts are essential for growing your savings more efficiently. Look for HISAs with competitive rates, low fees, easy access...

A high-interest savings account (HISA) in Canada is another great tool to further your financial security and growth. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about making money with your savings.

With many financial institutions vying for your attention, finding the best high-interest savings account in Canada can be challenging. Gaining insights into the mechanics of HISAs and identifying the top-tier accounts that merge attractive interest rates with beneficial features can be a critical step on your journey to financial success.


Why opt for high-interest savings accounts

High-interest savings accounts are a cornerstone of personal finance management. Unlike regular savings accounts with minimal interest accrual, HISAs offer higher rates, enabling your money to grow faster. They are a great place for emergency funds, saving for a down payment, or simply boosting your savings with competitive interest rates.

The best high-interest savings account features

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When searching for the best HISA, consider these essential features:

  • Competitive interest rates: Seek out the highest interest rates to maximize earnings on your deposits. A high interest savings account should outperform every regular savings account.
  • Low or no monthly fees: To preserve your savings, choose accounts with minimal to no monthly fees.
  • Accessibility: Easy access to your funds via online banking, mobile apps, and debit transactions is crucial. Your new HISA bank account might even come with a debit card.
  • Security: Ensure your institution is backed by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) or a provincial equivalent for peace of mind.
  • Flexibility: Look for accounts that offer free transfers, bill payments, and no minimum balance requirements.

Comparing financial institutions

Financial institutions range from big traditional banks to online-only banks, each offering unique benefits. Traditional banks offer in-person services, while online banks may provide higher rates and lower fees due to reduced overhead costs.

Monthly fees and other considerations

While some HISAs are free, others charge monthly maintenance fees. It is often the case that the HISA will require a minimum deposit. Examine the fee structure to ensure it doesn’t eat into your savings. Additionally, consider the ease of setting up direct deposits, the efficiency of customer service, and the availability of promotional rates.


Emergency fund and savings goals

An emergency fund is a vital component of financial planning. HISAs can be a good option for your emergency stash, offering high interest rates while keeping the fund liquid. Moreover, aligning your savings goals with the right HISA can be a decisive factor in achieving them.

The evolution of HISAs over time

In recent years, high-yield savings accounts have proliferated, offering account holders significantly higher rates than traditional ones. Institutions like EQ Bank, Neo Financial, and Motive Financial lead with some of the best rates in the market.

Online banking adoption

The rise of online banking has transformed how we manage savings. Managing a HISA has never been more convenient with features like mobile deposits, INTERAC e-transfers, and intuitive mobile apps. Online savings accounts generally pay out a high rate of interest as compared to standard savings accounts.

The role of credit unions

Credit unions present an alternative to banks, often offering competitive rates and personalized service. As member-owned institutions, they may offer additional perks and lower fees. These benefits may include the highest rates for savings accounts, traditional savings accounts, a chequing account, credit card issuance, direct deposit, and no transaction fees.


The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) alternative

A TFSA is an excellent vehicle for tax-sheltered growth. Many financial institutions offer TFSAs with high-interest rates, allowing for flexible and tax-efficient savings.

The verdict: Big banks vs. online banks

Big banks offer stability and extensive services but may need more rates. In contrast, online-only banks frequently outpace them with higher interest rates and lower fees, making them an attractive option for savvy savers.

The best high-interest savings accounts in Canada

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The following table has been compiled with the following considerations:

  • Interest rates: The interest rates can vary and may be subject to a promotional interest rate or bonus interest rate periods. A competitive interest rate may apply after a promotional period.
  • Fees and minimum balances: Some accounts may require a minimum balance to earn the highest interest rate and may have fees associated with certain transactions. Be certain to look for accounts with no transfer fees.
  • Access and transactions: The ease of accessing funds and the availability of free transactions, including INTERAC e-Transfers, can vary between accounts. Ensure you have complete access to your accounts for day-to-day transactions or any of specific needs.
  • Digital features: Online banking features, mobile app availability, and digital transaction capabilities should be considered.
InstitutionAccount typeInterest rate (%)Features
EQ BankSavings Plus Account2.50No monthly fees, unlimited transactions, free INTERAC e-transfers
Tangerine BankSavings AccountUp to 6.0 (promotional)Promotional rate for new clients, no minimum balance
Alterna BankeSavings Account2.25No monthly fees, unlimited free transactions, free e-Transfers
Oaken FinancialSavings Account3.40No monthly fees, no minimum balance
Motive FinancialSavvy Savings Account4.10          No monthly fees, free online transactions
Canadian Tire BankHigh Interest Savings3.70No monthly fees, available online only
WealthSimpleCash Account4.00          No fees, unlimited transactions, includes a spending account
ScotiabankMomentumPLUS Savings AccountUp to 5.60 (promotional)Higher rates for larger balance, free transfers
Royal Bank of CanadaHigh Interest eSavings AccountUp to 5.50 (promotional)No minimum balance, one free withdrawal per month
CIBCeAdvantage Savings AccountUp to 5.60 (promotional)Bonus interest on balances over a certain threshold

It is crucial to check the most current rates and terms directly with the financial institution, as they can change frequently. Also, consider your financial needs and habits to choose the best account.


Selecting Canada's best high-interest savings account requires a careful blend of rate comparison, feature evaluation, and personal financial assessment. You can significantly enhance your savings potential by leveraging the power of high-interest rates.

Remember to review the terms and conditions, explore promotional offers or any other special offer, and consider your financial goals when choosing your HISA. With the correct account, your financial future looks brighter and your savings more robust.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What bank currently has the highest savings interest rate in Canada?

    As of the latest update, CIBC offers the highest savings interest rate. However, rates fluctuate, so checking the latest offerings is advisable.

  • Which bank gives 7% interest on savings accounts?

    Currently, no bank in Canada offers a 7% interest rate on savings accounts. This rate is significantly higher than what is typically available.

  • Who has the best TFSA rate?

    RBC and CIBC are known for offering the best TFSA rates. It’s essential to shop around as rates can change frequently.

  • Where can I get 6 % interest on my money?

    A 6% interest rate is exceptionally high and not commonly found in Canada. It’s essential to be cautious of offers promising such rates as they may involve higher risks. However, as of early December 2023, Tangerine Bank offers a promotional HISA rate of up to 6.0%.

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